Digital Automatic Refractometer

Brief Introduction
Refractometer is equipped with a high performance linear CCD sensor. Through high-speed and high precision signal acquisition, analysis and processing technology, the Refractometer is equipped with a semiconductor Parte super temperature control system. It can measure the refractive index (Nd) and the mass fraction of sugar solution (Brix) of transparent, translucent, dark and viscous liquid with high accuracy and efficiency.


Fields of use
Automatic refractometer is widely used in petroleum industry, oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, daily chemical industry, sugar industry, etc. It is also one of the commonly used equipment in schools and related scientific research units.

Food industry: quality control of raw materials, intermediates and final products; The concentration of dry matter, solids, and sugars; Purity control for products of sugar, dessert, beverage, dairy, chocolate and coffee, oil and fat industries.

Pharmaceutical industry: determination of solid content in blood and urine; Purity control.

Cosmetics industry: determination of refractive index of essential oils and spices; Determine the fatty acid content of soap and fragrance ingredients.

Chemical and petrochemical industries: determination of refractive index of raw materials and analytical reagents; Purity control; Determination of refractive index of petroleum products; Determine the concentration of the cooled lubricating oil.


The main features
1: Refractometer Built-in Parpaste temperature control, improve accuracy and stability;
2: China's first double temperature control, sapphire prism;
3: LED cold light source instead of the traditional sodium light lamp and halogen tungsten lamp;
4: Compliance with 21CFR Part 1 audit trail, pharmacopoeia and electronic signature;
5: Support network printing, support data statistical retrieval;
6: Multi-level authority management, authority can be freely configured;
7 "touch color screen, user-friendly operation interface;
8: The whole machine has passed TART and CE certification.