Qinghai Mingzu University purchases automatic refractometer

Purchase manufacturer: Qinghai Mingzu University
Time: November 2021
Product name: Automatic digital refractometer
Specification Model: Digipol-R500


Qinghai University for Nationalities was founded on December 12, 1949, and is the first institution of higher learning on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The school recruited postgraduates majoring in language and literature and ethnic history in 1979. In 1981, it obtained the first batch of master's degrees authorized by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and became the first unit to carry out degree and postgraduate education in Qinghai Province. In 2011, the People's Government of Qinghai Province and the State Ethnic Affairs Commission signed an agreement to jointly build Qinghai University for Nationalities. In 2014, approved by the Ministry of Education, our school and Tianjin University jointly recruited and trained talents with special needs for doctoral students serving the national strategy.

DigiPol-R series automatic refractometers are equipped with high-performance linear CCD photosensitive components, through high-speed, high-precision signal acquisition and analysis processing technology, equipped with a semiconductor Peltier super temperature control system. It can efficiently and accurately measure the refractive index (nD) of various liquids such as transparent, translucent, dark, viscous, and the mass fraction of sugar solution (Brix). Jiahang automatic refractometer has been widely used in petroleum industry, oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, daily chemical industry, sugar industry, schools and related scientific research institutions, etc. The technical application has been mature. The company purchases high-end automatic refractometers. This refractometer has high accuracy and is mostly used in scientific research and pharmaceutical companies. Our company hopes that it will be better used in the environmental protection industry this time.

Thank Qinghai University for Nationalities for believing in the Jiahang brand among many colleagues, choosing Jiahang, Jiahang Instruments will live up to expectations and play its due role in your school’s teaching and scientific research. Jiahang looks forward to your school’s cooperation with our company again. And welcome the relevant technical personnel of your school to put forward valuable opinions for our company.