Jiahang Differential Scanning Calorimeter for Philippines Herbanext Laboratories, Inc

The roots of Herbanext Laboratories, Inc. date back to 1995 when Mr. Philip S. Cruz, an aquaculturist and agriculturist by profession, diversified his research interest into natural health products. In his personal quest to find natural cures for his health concerns on high cholesterol and high uric acid, Mr. Cruz studied the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma lucidum or Lingzhi, regarded as the “King of Herbs” in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Mr. Cruz got his breakthrough in 1997 after succeeding in the cultivation of the mushroom. In the following years, he collaborated with natural product researchers and medical practitioners in developing the mushroom into a nutraceutical product. In 2001, Herbanext Laboratories, Inc. was finally established.


Calorimetric analyzer measures the relationship between temperature and heat flow related to the internal heat transition of materials. It has a wide range of applications, especially in the research and development, performance testing and quality control of materials. Such as material melting, glass transition temperature, crystallization and cold crystallization, phase transition, thermal stability, curing/crosslinking, oxidation rust lead period and so on. Jiahang DSC in line with the national standard GB/T15065-2009, GB/T2951.42-2008, GB/T17391-1998, GB/T19466.6-2009 standard.

Jiahang provide our Differential Scanning Calorimeter with model JH-DSC6  for Herbal testing, our high good technology data perfect match customer's request . Please check Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC data as follows, 

1: Closed furnace body structure to ensure heating stability;

2: 56 pairs of thermocouples provide high sensitivity resolution;

3: High-precision AD detection to ensure a flat baseline;

4: 7-inch LCD touch screen display.