Shandong New Times Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. purchases Jiahang’s automatic oil melting point meter JHY80

Purchase manufacturer: Shandong New Times Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Time: December 2021
Product Name: Automatic Grease Melting Point Tester
 Specification Model: JHY80

 Shandong New Times Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a national key high-tech enterprise jointly invested by China and the United States, and a subsidiary of Lunan Pharmaceutical Group, a well-known national enterprise. The company is located in the Chengdong Industrial Park of Fei County. It is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of Chinese and Western medicine raw materials and preparations, antibiotics, biopharmaceuticals, and genetic engineering. It integrates scientific research, pilot trials and production.

The automatic grease melting point meter can quickly and accurately determine the melting point of various greases. Three samples can be measured at the same time. Through the digital optical sensor, the entire experiment process is digitized and transmitted to the computer. The intelligent software can automatically determine the melting point of the grease, eliminating the subjective error of artificially determining the melting point, and reducing the labor intensity of the experimenter. The instrument comes with a heating system to ensure a stable heating rate. The platinum temperature sensor has fast response speed and high accuracy, which has incomparable advantages over the traditional method of using mercury thermometer. Improve efficiency and innovation: One-key automatic detection function effectively avoids human error; PID precise temperature control; can record and replay the experimental process without missing every detail; it is fully in line with the national standard and ISO method for determining the melting point of fats and oils.

Thank you Shandong New Times Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for recognizing Jiahang. Jiahang Instruments will serve you with high-quality products and after-sales services. We look forward to your company’s cooperation with our company again, and welcome your company’s relevant technical personnel to provide valuable suggestions for our company. Views.