Renmin University of China purchases the best aerial selection automatic polarimeter JH-P300

Purchase manufacturer: Renmin University of China
Time: 201907
 Product Name: Automatic Polarimeter
Specification model: JH-P300

  Renmin University of China is the first new formal university founded by the Communist Party of China. It is a comprehensive research-oriented national key university focusing on humanities and social sciences.


The School of Chemistry, Renmin University of China, mainly purchased the fully automatic polarimeter JH-P300 from our company this time. This polarimeter is a golden model of Jiahang. It is used by more users and has a wider range of applications. Compared with Jiahang Digipol-P series Polarimeter is economical and affordable, but the parameters do not lag behind it, and it also has an audit trail function, which is fully satisfactory for college teaching and laboratory analysis and testing.

  Jiahang Instruments aims to provide users with high-quality and high-precision instruments, while also providing users with easy-to-understand laboratory solutions. Jiahang Instruments also insists on providing the greatest incentives for colleges and universities to cultivate talents.

  Thank you for the Renmin University of China’s recognition of Jiahang Instrument. Jiahang Instrument will serve you with high-quality products and after-sales services. I believe that our micro melting point apparatus will play its due role in your school’s medical school and will improve accordingly. For the quality of scientific research and teaching in your school, we look forward to your school’s cooperation with our company again, and welcome the relevant technical personnel of your school to give us valuable opinions.