Guangzhou Rongman Biotechnology Co., Ltd. purchases Jiahang’s automatic melting point meter Digipol-M70

Purchase manufacturer: Guangzhou Rongman Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Time: December 2021
Product Name: Fully Automatic Video Melting Point Apparatus
Specification Model: Digipol-M70

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Digipol-M70 automatic melting point meter combines high-precision temperature control technology and high-definition video camera technology, not only to provide users with accurate, stable and reliable test results, but also to provide users with efficient and convenient test experience. The high-definition video can easily and clearly see the whole process of sample melting, and the real-time spectrum display of automatic detection is convenient for users to accurately measure the melting point and melting distance of the sample. Its efficiency improvement innovations include: automatic integration, realization of one-key measurement function, processing of 4 samples at a time, high-definition video instead of traditional microscope visual inspection, automatic recording of melting range, initial melting, final melting, and direct printing of data through a printer; Comply with 21CFR Part 11, audit trail, pharmacopoeia and electronic signature.

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