Nanchang Runjie Testing Technology Co., Ltd. purchased the Digipol-R300 automatic refractometer from Jiahang

Purchaser: Nanchang Runjie Testing Technology Co., Ltd.
Time: December 2021
Product name: Automatic refractometer
Specification Model: Digipol-R300

Nanchang Runjie Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in petroleum product quality inspection and testing, equipment lubrication and wear state testing, monitoring, oil product evaluation, consulting, training and other various technical services. It is a third-party inspection and testing organization with basic conditions and capabilities stipulated by relevant national laws and administrative laws.

DigiPol-R series automatic refractometers are equipped with high-performance linear CCD photosensitive components, through high-speed, high-precision signal acquisition and analysis processing technology, equipped with a semiconductor Peltier super temperature control system. It can efficiently and accurately measure the refractive index (nD) of various liquids such as transparent, translucent, dark, viscous, and the mass fraction of sugar solution (Brix). The automatic refractometer has a wide range of applications in the petroleum industry, oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, daily chemical industry, sugar industry, etc., and is also one of the commonly used equipment in schools and related scientific research units.

Thanks to Nanchang Runjie Testing Technology Co., Ltd. for its recognition of Jiahang Instrument, and purchase of Jiahang Instrument's automatic refractometer in August 2021. Jiahang Instruments will serve you with high-quality products and after-sales service. We look forward to your company's cooperation with our company again, and welcome the relevant technical personnel of your company to give us valuable opinions.