Yihai (Lianyungang) Specialty Oil Co., Ltd. purchased Digipol-MY90, a fully automatic oil melting point instrument from Jiahang

Purchaser: Yihai (Lianyungang) Special Oil Co., Ltd.
When: January 2022
Product Name: Automatic Grease Melting Point Apparatus
Specification model: Digipol-MY90

Yihai (Lianyungang) Special Oil Co., Ltd. is located at No. 1, Huanghai Avenue East Road, Lingang Industrial Zone, Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone, an international port city. It mainly develops and produces edible oil products (shortening, margarine, hydrogenated oil, cocoa butter substitute) ), the production of animal fats and non-edible vegetable oils, and the provision of related technologies and after-sales services; warehousing (except for hazardous chemicals and explosives); wholesale, import and export of oil crops and other food raw and auxiliary materials, prepackaged food, etc.

The automatic grease melting point apparatus can quickly and accurately determine the melting point of various greases. 3 samples can be measured simultaneously. Through the digital optical sensor, the entire experimental process is digitized and transmitted to the computer. The intelligent software can automatically determine the melting point of grease, eliminate the subjective error of human judgment of the melting point, and reduce the labor intensity of the experimenter. The instrument comes with a heating system, which can ensure a stable heating rate. Platinum temperature sensors have fast response and high accuracy, and have unparalleled advantages over traditional methods using mercury thermometers. Improve efficiency and innovation: one-key automatic detection function, effectively avoid human error; PID precise temperature control; can record and playback the experimental process, do not miss every detail; fully comply with the national standard and ISO method for the determination of the melting point of grease.



Thank you Yihai (Lianyungang) Special Oil Co., Ltd. for its recognition of Jiahang. Jiahang Instruments will serve you with high-quality products and after-sales services. We look forward to your company and our company to cooperate again, and welcome your company's relevant technical personnel to be our company. Provide valuable comments.