Jiahang's polarimeter with Rudolf's polarimeter compare on site

The professional testing agency compared Jiahang's polarimeter with Rudolf's polarimeter on site. The test results are perfect. Customers are also very happy to get the test report. We are proud of our R&D team and we will continue to work hard for laboratory instruments industry to brings more high-quality and cost-effective made in China products.



Our Jiahang Polarimeter main features


1: Polarimeter Built-in Parpaste temperature control, improve accuracy and stability;

2: there are rotation/specific curl/concentration/sugar degree and custom mode;

3: LED cold light source instead of the traditional sodium light lamp and halogen tungsten lamp;

4: Compliance with 21CFR Part 1 audit trail, pharmacopoeia and electronic signature;

5: Support network printing, support data statistical retrieval;

6: Multi-level authority management, authority can be freely configured;

7:10 inch touch color screen, user-friendly operation interface;

8: The system comes with automatic calibration system.

9: Comply with GLP GMP certification

For all new customers, we have launched a super attractive preferential policy. For the first polarimeter sample order, we will provide a super strong discount. The price is definitely the lowest in the industry and 100% cost price.