Henan Vocational and Technical College to purchase JiaHang automatic Polarimeter Digipol-P610

Manufacturer: Henan Vocational and Technical College
Time: September 2022
Product name: automatic digital Polarimeter
Specifications and Models: Digipol-P610

Founded in December 1954, Henan Polytechnic has gone through the historical evolution of Henan Machine Manufacturing Technical School, Henan Industrial Technical Normal School, Henan Technical Education Normal School, Henan Polytechnic Education Institute and so on. In March 1999, the Ministry of Education approved the restructuring for Henan vocational and technical college. Now it is a national demonstration higher vocational college, a national quality higher vocational college, and a construction unit of the national "Double High Plan".

Shanghai Jiahang digipol-P series Polarimeter is an instrument for measuring the rotation of substances. Through the measurement of rotation, can be analyzed to determine the specific curl of the substance, international sugar, concentration and purity, widely used in medicine, petroleum, food, chemical, flavor, flavor, sugar and other industries and related universities and research institutes. Innovation: built-in Pal stick temperature control, improve accuracy and stability; There is rotation/specific curl/concentration/sugar; LED cold light source instead of traditional sodium light lamp and halogen tungsten lamp; Multi-level permission management, permission can be freely configured; 8 inch touch color screen, user-friendly operation interface; Meet 21CFR requirements (electronic signature, data traceability, audit trail, data tamper-proof, etc.); In full compliance with GLP GMP certification specifications.



Thanks to Henan Vocational and Technical College for the recognition of Jiahang Instrument and the purchase of Jiahang Instrument automatic Polarimeter in September 2022. Jiahang instrument will be high-quality products and after-sales service for you, looking forward to Henan vocational and technical college and our company again, and welcome Henan vocational and technical college related technical personnel to put forward valuable suggestions for our company.