Changchun Jinsai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. purchased Jiahang melting point meter Digipol-M80

Manufacturer: Changchun Jinsai Pharmaceutical Co., LTD
Purchase Time: October 2022
Product name: automatic melting point meter
Specifications and Models: Digipol-M80

With dedicated, professional exploration spirit and strong independent innovation ability, Kinsey Pharmaceutical has become a leader in the field of children's growth and development treatment. It is also establishing a leading position with core competitive advantages in many fields such as burn, assisted reproduction, anti-aging, and cancer.



Digipol-M80 fully automatic melting point meter combined with high precision temperature control technology and HD video camera technology, not only provides users with accurate, stable and reliable test results, but also brings users efficient and convenient test experience. High-definition video can easily and clearly see the whole process of sample melting, automatic detection real-time map display, convenient for users to accurately measure the sample melting point and melting distance. The innovative points of improving efficiency are: automatic integration, one-click determination function, processing 4 samples at a time, high-definition video instead of traditional microscope visual, automatic record of melting, initial melting, final melting, can print data directly through the printer; Compliance with 21CFR Part 11, audit trail, pharmacopoeia and electronic signature.

Thank Changchun Jinsai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for the recognition of Jia Hang, Jia Hang instrument will be high-quality products and after-sales service for you, looking forward to your company and our company again, and welcome Changchun Jinsai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. relevant technical personnel put forward valuable opinions for our company.