Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. purchased Jiahang's melting point instrument Digipol-M70 again

Buyer: Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Time: May 2023
Product Name: Automatic Video Melting Point Apparatus
Specification model: Digipol-M70


Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the field of wax additives for nearly 20 years. With the original supercritical CO2 spray method to manufacture spherical wax powder as the core technology, it has successively developed nano-surface coating technology and wax powder water-based technology. We strive for excellence in raw material selection and process control, and are always committed to infinitely promoting the comprehensive application of wax additives to meet customer customization needs and continue to create value for customers.



Digipol-M70 automatic melting point apparatus combines high-precision temperature control technology and high-definition video camera technology, which not only provides users with accurate, stable and reliable test results, but also brings users an efficient and convenient test experience. The high-definition video can easily and clearly see the whole process of sample melting, and the automatic detection real-time map display is convenient for users to accurately measure the melting point and melting distance of the sample. Its innovative points for improving efficiency include: automatic integration, one-key measurement function, one-time processing of 4 samples, high-definition video instead of traditional microscope visual inspection, automatic recording of melting process, initial melting, final melting, and direct printing of data through the printer; Compliant with 21CFR Part 11, Audit Trail, Pharmacopoeia and Electronic Signature.

Thanks to Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. for its recognition of Jiahang. Jiahang Instruments will serve you with high-quality products and after-sales service. We look forward to your cooperation with our company again, and welcome the relevant technology of Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. The responsible personnel put forward valuable opinions for our company.