Jiahang U-tube oscillation method automatic Density Meter

Jiahang as the only manufacturer in China who can production benchtop digital automatic density meter with Video function and based on  the principle of U-tube oscillation method.



Benchtop digital automatic density meter Innovation points to improve efficiency:
1: Automated integration to realize one-key measurement function;
2: Density meter Built-in Peltier temperature control to improve accuracy and stability;
3: High-definition video to avoid the influence of bubbles;
4: Data can be printed directly through the printer;
5: Comply with 21CFR Part 11, audit trail, pharmacopoeia and electronic signature.



Density meter Fields of use Digital Density Meter

1.Pharmaceutical industry: quality control of API and pharmaceutical intermediates, determine the specific gravity and density of pharmaceutical agents;

2.Flavor flavor: food flavor, daily flavor, tobacco flavor, food additive raw material verification;

3.Petrochemical industry: crude oil API index, gasoline, diesel density detection, additive mixing ratio process monitoring;

4.Beverage industry: measurement of sugar concentration, alcohol concentration, beer quality control, soft drink quality control;

5.Food industry: grape juice, tomato juice, high fructose corn syrup, vegetable oil and soft drinks processing quality control;

6.Brewing industry: liquor, yellow rice wine, red wine, beer, fruit wine, rice wine and other alcohol concentration detection;

7.Chemical industry: chemical urea, detergent, glycol, acid and alkali and ammonia concentration test;

8.Machinery manufacturing: metal processing, machine manufacturing, automotive industry, electronic and electrical cleaning agent detection;

9.Inspection institutions: standard laboratories, statutory testing institutions, third party detection of liquid density measurement.

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