Jilin Wantong Pharmaceutical purchases Jiahang’s automatic dropping point and softening point tester (fat cup method)

After 22 years of development, Jilin Wantong Group has now become a large modern industrial group integrating pharmaceutical production, research and development, and sales. After years of development, it now has three major sectors. The headquarter of the group is located in Tonghua City, Jilin Province. The group takes the pharmaceutical industry as the leading industry, and each industry promotes each other and develops in a coordinated manner.


Digipol-JHD70 automatic dropping point and softening point tester perfectly combines high-precision temperature control technology and high-definition video camera technology, not only to provide users with accurate, stable, and reliable test results, but also to provide users with efficient and convenient test experience. The high-definition video can easily and clearly see the whole process of the sample state change, and the real-time spectrum display is automatically detected, which is convenient for the user to accurately measure the dropping point/softening point of the sample. The fat cup and measurement method that meet the standards can ensure the accuracy of the results. Application field: The automatic dropping point and softening point tester has an important position in the chemical industry and medical research. It is necessary for the dropping point and softening point of asphalt, asphalt, polymer, resin, paste, wax and more materials. instrument.

Thank Jilin Wantong Pharmaceutical Group for its recognition of Jiahang. Jiahang Instruments will serve you with high-quality products and after-sales services. We look forward to your company’s cooperation with our company again, and welcome your company’s relevant technical personnel to provide valuable advice to our company. opinion.