How to use and maintain the polarimeter to ensure the accuracy of measurement?

Polarimeter is an analytical instrument for analyzing the optical rotation characteristics of substances. Through the determination of the optical rotation of the sample, the concentration, content and purity of the substance can be determined by analysis. It is widely used in chemical analysis in the medical and health, sugar and other industries.

How to use the polarimeter?
(1) Connect to 220V AC power supply. Turn on the power switch, and the sodium lamp will glow normally after about 5 minutes, and you can start to work.
(2) Check whether the zero position is accurate, that is, when the polarimeter is not placed in a test tube or a test tube filled with distilled water, observe whether the brightness of the field of view is consistent at zero degrees. If they are inconsistent, it indicates that there is a zero error, which should be subtracted or added to the measurement reading. Or loosen the four screws on the back of the dial cover, and slightly turn the dial cover to correct it (only the error of about 0.5° can be corrected, and the serious one should be sent to the manufacturer for repair).
(3) Choose a test tube with a suitable length, fill it with the liquid to be tested, install a rubber ring, and screw on the nut until it does not leak. The nut should not be screwed too tightly, otherwise the guard glass will cause stress and affect the accuracy of the reading. Then dry the residual solution at both ends of the test tube, so as not to affect the clarity of the observation and the accuracy of the measurement.
(4) Determine the optical rotation reading: turn the dial and analyzer to find a position with consistent brightness in the field of view, and then read from the dial. A positive reading is a right-handed substance, and a negative reading is a left-handed substance.

What are the maintenance methods for the polarimeter?
(1) It should be placed in a ventilated and dry place with a suitable temperature to avoid damp and mildew.
(2) The continuous use time should not exceed 4 hours. If it is used for a long time, it should be turned off for 10-15 minutes, and then continue to use after the sodium lamp cools down, or blow it with an electric fan to reduce the heating degree of the lamp, so as to avoid the brightness drop and the life expectancy.
(3) Pour out the solution in time after the test tube is used, wash it with distilled water, wipe it dry and store it well. All lenses cannot be wiped directly by hand, and should be wiped with a soft flannel.
(4) If there is any problem during use, please contact the after-sales engineer of Chengdu Yayuan Technology in time.
(5) When it is out of service, the plastic sleeve should be put on. When packing, it should be put into the box according to a fixed position and pressed tightly.