Hefei Urban Drainage Monitoring Center purchased Jiahang Automatic Potentiometric Titrator JH-T8

Client: Hefei Urban Drainage Monitoring Center
Time: October 2021
Product name: Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Specification model: JH-T8

Hefei Urban Drainage Monitoring Center is mainly responsible for the monitoring of urban water supply and drainage; responsible for monitoring the raw water and factory water of public water supply, urban drainage, and centralized sewage treatment; organizing and coordinating urban water supply and drainage monitoring and investigation, water quality safety evaluation, and accepting and appraising water quality complaints Matters; provide technical support for the treatment of water quality accidents; participate in the technical demonstration of water quality purification processes and facilities in the new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects of urban water supply and drainage enterprises.

The automatic potentiometric titrator JH-T8 is a high-precision electrochemical analysis instrument that uses potentiometric titration for volumetric analysis. It adopts a modular design and consists of volumetric titration device, control device, and test device. It can perform acid-base titration and oxidation. Various titrations such as reduction, precipitation and complexation. The instrument has functions such as constant titration, micro titration, end point setting titration, volume setting titration and mode titration. Users can also build their own special titration methods according to actual needs.

Features and advantages: Contains 2-channel liquid filling module, and can be equipped with 16/18/20 station rotary table autosampler. It can drive multiple dosing module units, and the burette and pipeline should be resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion. Imported corrosion-resistant PTFE rotary valve, PTFE corrosion-resistant burette, high-power stirring table, and coils to achieve magnetic stirring. High-precision closed-loop control ensures accurate titration. The high-precision burette is accurate to 0.003mm. Automatically check the status of the instrument when it is turned on; the whole pipeline is fully sealed, which is quick and convenient to replace. Real-time display of titration curve and measurement results, easy to operate. It supports acid-base titration, oxidation-reduction titration, precipitation titration, complexometric titration, non-aqueous titration and other titration methods. It conforms to GMP specifications, and the titration results meet GLP requirements. Automatic sample loading, automatic cleaning of pipelines, automatic measurement of experimental results, automatic recording and drawing of titration time pH-titration volume real-time change curve. It complies with the 2015 edition of the Pharmacopoeia, has a comprehensive multi-level user authority management function, and realizes the functions of audit trail and authority management.

 Application areas: acid-base titration, such as: oxalic acid (aqueous/non-aqueous) content; redox titration, such as: iodine value, iron (II) content; precipitation titration, such as: chloride content, complexometric titration; such as: The calcium content is titrated with polarized electrodes (Ipol, Upol).

Thanks to the Hefei Urban Drainage Monitoring Center for approving the Jiahang Instrument and purchasing the Jiahang Instrument's automatic point titrator in October 2021. Jiahang Instruments will serve you with high-quality products and after-sales service. We look forward to the cooperation of Hefei Urban Drainage Monitoring and our company again, and welcome the relevant technical personnel of Hefei Urban Drainage Monitoring to provide valuable opinions for our company.