A new generation of Jiahang Digital automatic Density Meter

It has been a while since Jiahang showed the first digital density meter in Munich. As early as 1967, a microcosm of innovations in the field of liquid analysis by a benchtop density meter has appeared, and its follow-up effects are far in the future.

Even today, Jiahang's density meter is still the leader in the Chinese market, and this is not just the result of continuous further development. Although the measurement method itself has not changed in the past 50 years (oscillating U-tube technology), the technological progress is huge.

The Next-Level Density Meter
This is also proved by the new generation of density meters. Driven by the unique pulse excitation method (PEM), the instrument guarantees an accuracy of 0.000005 g/cm3, making it the most accurate density meter in the world. The new series has already met the requirements of modern digital measurement systems: high-speed operating systems, larger memory with fast data output, high-resolution zoom cameras and high-end touch screen performance are now standard. The new instrument can be connected to various data interfaces, which greatly improves the efficiency of laboratory operators.

What are your expectations for the new series?
In order to continue the success story of jiahang density meter, the R&D team has been committed to the development of new functions of Digipol-D for more than five years. On the one hand, a new generation of digital density meters will make it possible for us to successfully defend our leading position in the beverage and petroleum industries. On the other hand, we will be able to strengthen our position in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Overview of the two models of Density meter in the new series:
-Digipol-D50: The fastest and most effective measurement-provides high performance for quality control with extremely fast measurement mode
-Digipol-D70: a versatile instrument suitable for all industries-an industry-proven instrument that can accurately measure various samples