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Polarimeter and Melting Point Apparatus for USA Pharmaceutical company


Jiahang Full automatic digital video Melting point Apparatus Digipol-M130 and 1 piece Digipol-P910 Polarimeter finished inspection before delivery to USA Pharmacenutical company.

Our Digipol Series is the latest series of products for the high-end market, the main innovations include ,
  •      Fully automaticInstrument comes with system, one-key automatic detection function, effectively avoiding human error.
  •      PID precise temperature control improves accuracy and stability.
  •      With video function, it supports playback of the entire experiment process.
  •      Support network printing and data retrieval, multi-level authority management.
  •      10-inch touch screen design, easy to operate.
  •      Comply with 21CFR requirements (electronic signature, data traceability, audit trail, data anti-tampering and other functions)