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Automatic Kinematic Viscometer
  • Automatic Kinematic ViscometerAutomatic Kinematic Viscometer

Automatic Kinematic Viscometer

The Jiahang® JH-265A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer is designed and produced according to the national standard GB/T265. The whole machine adopts a modular design. The detection part uses advanced sensors and high-precision AD conversion circuits. The main control part adopts multiple industrial applications and high reliability. 16-bit RISC structure and ultra-low power consumption microprocessor.


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Product Description

Automatic Kinematic Viscometer



Good and reliable communication forms a unified and reliable measurement and control platform for each module. The Jiahang® JH-265A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer adopts the high-quality, most simple modular program design, and is organically combined with the hardware, so that the heating and constant temperature, liquid level detection, timing, cleaning of the viscosity tube, printing, etc. of the kinematic viscosity measurement process can be done in a complete manner. Auto-completion, reaching the operation mode of one-click to get the result.



Jiahang® JH-265A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer Main features

1. The optical fiber conduction detection method used by this Jiahang® JH-265A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer is absolutely different from the ordinary light spot tube detection method of other manufacturers.

2. Good man-machine interface, easy to operate.

3. One-click to complete the determination of Pinnacle kinematic viscosity, simplifying the operation.

4. Four sets of preset parameters for selection.

5. The preset parameters can be modified to meet special requirements.

6. Infrared liquid level detection is not interfered by indoor light and light.

7. The liquid level detection position is adjustable and flexible.

8. All modular designs are stable and reliable.

9. Automatically store 100 test results, and view or print them at any time.

10. The testing process complies with the standard and the data is reliable.

11. The detection method is reliable and repeatable.

12. It can work continuously for a long time, and the failure rate is extremely low.

Jiahang® JH-265A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer Main technical parameters

1. Temperature range: room temperature~+100°C, accuracy±0.01°C.

2. Temperature sensor: Pt 100 stainless steel probe imported from Germany, built-in temperature correction, reliable detection results.

3. Heating method: electric heating unit, the maximum heating power is 1500 W, and the heating rate can be programmed and controlled.

4. Liquid level detection: infrared photoelectric detection.

5. Display: 10-inch color touch screen.

6. Temperature correction: automatic correction, programmable correction.

7. Data storage: 100 sets of test results.

8. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz. Maximum power 1500W

9. Operating ambient temperature: 10-40°C

10. Storage environment temperature: 0~50℃

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