Delivery Method
1. Express delivery
2. Distribution
3. Shipping/Air Delivery
4. Jiahang Logistics fleet
Dear customers, thank you very much for Long view our website, trust our products. For customers outside the Shanghai area, we will adopt the first three shipping methods for you delivered your goods purchased.
Delivery time
1. After a successful order, by telephone or email will inform you of the way trade is expected arrival time.
2. Our delievry time is based upon the timely payment of your calculated time, in order for you to receive your products as quickly as possible, please make timely payments.
3. Timely delivery, please leave accurate detail address and valid contact information on the order.
4. Large shipments every day, we will set up as soon as possible after the order goods through warehouses,, logistics or express normally delivery need 2-7 days (depending on your location )delivered to your designated location.